Why Mosaic?

Why Mosaic?

This was the name my father called his weekly social column, published in the Sunday edition of the newspaper “Asyrmatos”,  owned by my dear uncle Dinos. That was of course back in the 60’s, a golden era for Cyprus, an era that abruptly ended in July of 1974.

My father wrote about the local society events and some gossip was also included, always in an elegant and discreet way.

Clearly, my choice is a tribute to my late dear father and uncle and for the journalistic genes I believe they have passed on to me.

But I also chose this title for another reason.

My dream is for this blog to become a beautiful mosaic of the things that I enjoy, like travelling, gastronomy, hoteling, design and all the good things in life.

A journey of discovery into the world of fashion, aesthetics and all the small and big things that make of a great lifestyle.

Starting this blog has been in my mind for a long time now. Many times I have thought to myself, that had I not taken up the  hotelier profession, as I did for many years, this is what I would end up doing!

And here I am!

So, I invite you to visit my world and join in me in this quest, with any input, feedback or comments you may have!

Marie Constantinides

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