A beautiful soul at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 1718

I first met Maria only a few months ago, but she was one of those (few!) people who I immediately click with! It was on a social occasion, so she explained to me in a nut shell her work as a designer and showed me a few photos. Her creativity and quality of work truly impressed me! Most of all, she stroke me as a person who goes after her dream with dedication and purpose. Maria presented again her work a few days ago, at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week for F/W 1718. This is a sneak peek into her latest collection!

Il était une fois…une belle âme…

Once upon a time there was a story to tell, an inspiration behind Maria Aristidou’s Autumn/Winter 2017- 2018 womenswear collection.

Belle âme  – a beautiful soul”

The story of a woman who no matter the difficulties, the setbacks, the ups and downs, no matter the color, the religion, the beliefs, can conquer the world!

“Belle âme” is flooded with knit patterns, cozy wools and metallic yarns. Elaborate embroideries create luxurious beaded fields in designs for the women of today, while soft curves, unexpected details and sleek cuts, express the beauty and the elegance for the day or night.

The power of Love, of Care, of Beauty and the wisdom of a woman is the rebirth of “a beautiful soul”.

In the designers own words, “this is a call for all of us to be as one, one love, one entity, because we are valuable, we matter, we deserve to live to the fullest every moment of this precious life”.

From the early years of her studies in Economics, Maria discovered and developed, with great persistence as a self-learner, her passion for fashion design.

She has been  the sole creator behind the self-titled label “Maria Aristidou” & “maRis”.

Her Greek – Cypriot background not only inspires her to create for every season, but also helps her explore and merge her Cyprus heritage with the world of fashion. Her knit  patterns play a game of colours, combining glamour and simplicity. They also give her the opportunity to create a luxury accessory and beachwear collection, as well as the  couture evening and day wear.

The label is inspired by Maria’s love for the arts and the finer things in life and her passion for detail. She believes in creating designs that are wearable by contemporary women with a desire for elegance and luxury and at the same time a need of comfort.

I wish her success and prosperity! She deserves it! 

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