About me

Gia sas! My name is Marie!

I am a visual addict, loved magazines since I was a child and more recently the internet! Passionate about travelling (wish I could travel more, plan to do so!), good food, the movies, fashion, the arts! Constantly looking for new things that will excite my sense of aesthetics! 

I consider myself a hotelier with a twist, in the old fashion kind of way of true hospitality, by education and by experience! 

I have lived and worked in Switzerland, Paris, Cyprus and Athens. 

Studied in Lausanne and New York. I am a dedicated aunt, sister, daughter and friend!

Have always been a fan of unpretentious luxury and effortless simplicity! 

I hope you find the articles in my blog exciting and useful as much as I do!

Heres to those who inspire us and don’t even know it!