COOK8 by Domes International: The New Dining Place

What would a restaurant inspired by eternal summertime be like?

A ritual symposium following a procession in the dark of smells and flavors?

A dining space for eight solitaries in a cloud of mirrors?

Three unexpected restaurants and a further 280 proposals from 24 countries are exhibited in a 1,100m2 space at the COOK8 architecture exhibition.

Domes International Review of Architecture and the Benaki Museum are presenting the exhibition ‘COOK8: The New Dining Place’, showcasing the 280 restaurants that were submitted in the COOK8 International Design Competition the subject of which was the design of an interior dining space for 8 people, of an area of 30m2.

From 14 June to 29 July, on the ground floor of the Benaki Museum, in an area of 1,100m2, the three award-winning projects, are presented in actual size (scale 1:1), as imagined and designed by: Costas Alivizatos & Ioannis Kitanis (Athens, Greece), Danae Vlachaki, Daphne-Christina Papadopoulou & Katiana-Maria Lioga (Athens, Greece) and Felix Chun Lam, Ziyang Luo & Yi Ran Weng (Toronto, Canada).

The nine projects that received honourable mentions are presented in models, together with all the rest of the proposals which are showcased with extensive illustrative material.

In addition, the COOK8 publication is available. The publication includes the best 100 entries according to the jury which consisted of Andreas Angelidakis, Zisis Kotionis, Nelly Marda, and Georgios Panetsos.

‘Glorious Holistic’ by Costas Alivizatos & Ioannis Kitanis (Greece):

A ritual where the diners, through a dark procession, are subjected to smells of life and death, nature sounds and organic matter views, before they recline into a bright white box glorifying their meal and gathering.

‘Sea, sex & sun’ by Danae Vlachaki, Daphne-Christina Papadopoulou & Katiana-Maria Lioga (Greece): 

A heterotopia that interrupts the anticipated urban reality by composing an illusion of a carefree summer life, which eventually becomes an exhibit in the city, as a showcase that constantly provokes and invites.

‘The Cloud’ by Felix Chun Lam, Ziyang Luo & Yi Ran Weng (Canada): 

Each diner, by means of eight staircases, ascends alone into a hovering cloud. 24 reflecting mirrors, which represent the 24 hours of the day, reinforce a solitary but orgiastic experience, in between real and virtual space.

Organisation of the COOK8 Programme

Domes International Review of Architecture by means of its multifaceted activities, serves as a point of contact between Greek and international architectural reality.

COOK8 is the fifth International Competition held by DOMES and the second part of the three-part Domés 1:1 programme.

The first part of the Domes 1:1 programme was ROOM18 (April – November 2016), which attracted 262 entries.

Benaki Museum / Pireos 138

Duration: 14.06 – 29.07.2018

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