Hermès Athens: And the Horse Award goes to…

Carré Mania: The Hermès party with color and silk!

“Le carré est un triangle qui a réussi, ou une circonférence qui a mal tourne … » Pierre Dac

On the occasion of the recent opening of its renewed boutique in the center of Athens, Maison Hermès conceived and organized a party full of color and silk at the Athens Conservatory, on September 21st!

Inspired by the designs, but also by the stories of some of the favorite scarves of the house, Hermès celebrated the renovation and expansion of its store with customers and friends. The guests found themselves immersed into the world of scarves, in a three-dimensional way, through psychedelic, musical, interactive and entertaining experiences, all inspired by the designs of the new silk collections of the house.

Hosts of this magic evening in Athens, were Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès and Francesca Di Carrobio, Hermès General Manager, Greece.

A series of spectacular happenings gave life to an imaginary trip, an ingenious walk where vivid colors and lively emotions had the leading role. For this special night, in each of the galleries, fanciful fairy tales were created and guests were invited to dance and have fun!

Inspired by the collaborations with artists who create in Greece, such as Elias Kafouros, the guests were “plunged” into the world of Hermès paintings. During the evening they discovered the Hermès Carré, the house’s favorite scarf, as a gateway to entering in a world of amazing details, stories and colors behind the designs. It was a pleasant initiation to the world of scarves!

Dressed in scarf-dresses, the hostesses of the evening, welcomed the guests and guided them to the different venues,  such as the Blue Bar, where silky cocktails were served and the Mongolian Yurt where Mr. Irma narrated stories of “Appaloosa des Steppes”, a new design inspired by Kyrgyzstan’s traditional carpet motifs. In the romantic Private Boudoir, under a “sky” of floating flowers, ladies and gentlemen alike, could choose among colorful flower corsages, boutonnières and ephemeral tattoos.

Many of the guests posed for the artists who painted their portraits on easels, while in the specially devised Club, DJ Emilie Fouilloux performed perfectly on beat!

The Horse Award, held by many of the attendees who posed in the specially made frame-drawing, was inspired by the recent collaboration of Elias Kafouros with Hermès.

It was definitely a night to remember!

All photos by Studio Panoulis


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