Hermès Men’s Ready to Wear Summer 2019

Hermès presented this week its Men’s Ready to Wear Collection for the Summer of 2019

“The energy of pure colour mingles with the poetry of muted overtones.

A free dialogue of shapes, lines and drawings.

Nuances of whites and beiges for the evening.”


White, cement, putty, old pink, greyish pink, daffodil, gold yellow,
pop orange, burnt orange, brick,
English green, pepper,greyish blue, midnight blue, lagoon, chocolate.


Lines & fabrics!

Straight blousons with coloured zips in Étrivière lambskin.
Reversible blousons with ribbing and windbreakers in rubberized lambskin and contrasted Toilovent. Straight blousons with leather detail in cotton drill and coloured zips.

Parkas in cotton drill lined in lambskin with eyelet detail.
Blousons with double topstitched pocket in rubberized lambskin.

Blousons with striped ribbing and hooded sweat-shirts in Étrivière lambskin and cut-out with piping.
Zipped windbreakers in Étrivière lambskin with contrasted zips.

Zipped parkas and sweatshirts in technical calfskin. Blousons with ribbing, windbreaker with hood, parkas, belted straight coat in braided cotton with checks.


Blousons with ribbing and tee-shirts in
métis lambskin with Le Jardin de la Maharani print in colorblock.

Zipped sweatshirts and tee-shirts in technical calfskin with Mors silkscreen print.
Tee-shirts, cardigans, shirts and drawstring trousers in water snake.

Blousons with ribbing and oversized shirts
with hood and short sleeves in printed Toilbright with racing silks cut-out.

Suits in Étrivière lambskin.
Three-button suits and drawstring trousers with pintuck detail in crepe cotton serge.

Three-button jackets in cotton drill and in crinkled technical canvas, cut-out with piping. Three-button jackets in crumpled linen and cotton canvas.
Three-button jackets in dévoré linen canvas.

Sweatshirts in technical 3D checks with
Puzzle print.

Jogging trousers with pintuck detail in cotton serge, in compact cotton serge or in technical calfskin. Shorts with pleats in cotton drill or in compact cotton serge.



Podium pictures by Jean-François José.
Backstage pictures by Matthieu Lavanchy.


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