Hermès WRTW S/S19: The Odyssey is just beginning

The Odyssey is just beginning.


In a game of reflections, we sail into the horizon, along the edge between two worlds, between sky and land. And in the same moment, we are sailing on the sea.

Words break together on this shore: Sailor or Saddler? We turn them every which way… Why choose between them?

The Hermès Spring-Summer 2019, a woman on horseback, chasing her dreams beyond the horizon. A modern myth, she wears leather mesh with techno-spartan sandals. Her sailor’s smock becomes a parka and she sets sail wrapped in her cashmere blanket coat of neon orange.

The clouds guide her journey, nothing can stop her.

She steals a groom’s apron and turns it into a summer dress. Knotting and bending boat ropes, she draws one, two, three different silhouettes, however she wishes… With snap hooks as fasteners.

Her jacket is decorated with precious buttons, designed by the artist Laurence Owen. Some of them have been oxidised by the sea spray from her adventures.

Under the sun, she wanders in shorts worn with the lightest jacket in Barénia leather or in delicate plaited lambskin… Always carefree.

At nightfall she puts on a coat, an homage to Méditerranée.A single pigment traces across the double face cashmere, and the lines unravel themselves like paths.

The rider scans the horizon. The sailor looks out on deck. Each one like the other, watching for the next wave, the new wave.

And they ask themselves: have we never once thought what if Corto Maltese had been a woman, Lord Jim a Lady? Penelope a man and Odysseus his wife?

Samedi, 29 September 2018 – Hippodrome de Longchamp



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