Herodion Hotel Athens: When Elegance meets Historical Heritage

In a city (and a country!), where the words elegance, luxury and “high end” are used and abused by establishments and services that “leave a lot to be desired”, Herodion Hotel restores my faith in genuine hospitality!

The Hotel sits majestically at the base of the ancient Acropolis and Parthenon – and is the only hotel in Athens with sweeping views of both the Acropolis and the acclaimed Acropolis Museum. One can’t help but feel the history, even amid the contemporary style of this elegant hotel. Visitors find themselves immersed in a city gleaming with monuments accessible through a pedestrian walk unifying the most important archaeological sites, all within walking distance.

The saying in the hotel world is that “location is everything” but at Herodion they do not take that for granted. The hotel opened its doors in April of 1976 and it has been a successful family-owned business for 42 years. To the professional eye, this is clearly due to the personal dedication, professional integrity and loyalty, expressed both towards the  guests and the staff, by the owners.  Herodion presents a story of continual innovation and uncompromising dedication to the highest hospitality standards. It should be the shining example to many!

Framed by a modern sculpture, “Fingerprints” by sculptress Christina Saradopoulou, at the entrance, the sleek façade of the hotel gives way to a modern spacious lobby accentuated by luxurious detailing. Guests can enjoy rooftop lounges with rsunbathing facilities, an outdoor olive garden, two Jacuzzis and unique outdoor and indoor dining areas.

Herodion Hotel features 86 sleek and warmly styled guest rooms and 4 mini suites. Indisputably a welcoming place to return to, after a full day of sightseeing or meetings! Many rooms have walkout balconies and views of the Acropolis.

Point a

is the rooftop bar and restaurant on the fifth floor. Herodion Hotel’s enigmatic answer to the query “Acropolis View” is 289 and 85; not a secret code but the distance in meters that separate Point a from the illuminated Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. Saying that the view is stunning is an understatement! The design is elegant yet minimal, with subtle lighting and soothing sound from the water fountains. The unsurpassable view of the Acropolis and the illuminated Acropolis Museum, allow you to see the exhibits of the Parthenon Room through the glass walls, creating the illusion that they are floating in the air, literally taking your breath away, and instantly creating a feeling of awe and inspiration. When you manage to get a grasp of the view, you can enjoy a mosaic of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and innovative cocktails!

Tip: Arrive thirty minutes or so before sunset!

The elegant winter garden Atrium Bistrot with an air of refined luxury, is the indoor restaurant, located near the lobby of the hotel, suitable for a cozy lunch or an extravagant dinner.

Breakfast is served buffet-style, with a wide variety of homemade breads and delicacies, cereals, meats, cheeses, fruits and other authentic Greek breakfast favorites.

A perspective on luxury…

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then luxury is in the mind. “Le luxe” is possibly more an insight into how one interacts with what life has to offer than it is a privilege of wealth: a complex and personal relationship with existence…


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