Minas: Clarity of Shapes. As Photographed by C. Coutayar

Minas is my very favourite jewellery designer and I find his style outstanding and unique.

My first silver Minas ring was bought for me as a present by my late father, some 30 years ago… It could have been bought yesterday… Needless to say it is of an immense sentimental value to me.

On Wednesday September 5th, at 20.00, the Benaki Museum at Piraeus 138 will host the event entitled “Minas. Clarity of Shapes”.

The presentation is organized as a celebration, as it coincides with Mina’s 80th birthday and it includes over 50 black-and-white photographs by Costas Coutayar’s “silver prints” on archival paper, numbered and signed by the photographer himself, which will be exhibited in the space until September 9th, 2018.

Coutayar’s photos will be featuring portraits of unconventional people of today, of all ages, dressed in Mina’s jewels. At the same time, in specially curated window displays, some of the most representative creations of the designer, worn by the models in the photos, will be exposed.

The coexistence of the two artists, highlights their common artistic concerns and the mutual appreciation.


Minas is a bohemian, multi-dimensional artist of contemporary design. He portrays his art with archaic austerity, bounces from one material to another and with incredible elegance, courtesy, grace and different finishes, handles silver and gold in his jewelry, the American and African walnut in furniture, but also carbon fiber, stainless steel, Pentelic marble, and porcelain in his utilitarian objects.



As the curator of the exhibition Eleni Athanassiou notes, “… without concessions and compromises, driven by his sensibilities and flawless quality of his creations, Minas approaches his creations holistically and designs as another Van de Velde in the spirit of the concept of “collective work of art “. (…) his work, abstract, simple, with emphasis on the soft, flowing, serpentine lines, the strength and purity of the form, has a rhythm – element of balance, symmetry, harmony and stability – and functions as a choreography, dissuasive to the chaotic flow, both in space and time. (…) ».

The presentation is accompanied by a richly illustrated 96-page publication with the title “Minas. Clarity of Shapes.”


Unquestionably an event to look forward to after the Summer holidays!


Benaki / Piraeus Museum 138

Event: September 5th, 2018, 20:00

Duration: September 6th to September 9th, 2018.


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