Paris! La vie est belle!

It was February of 1992 when I moved from Athens to Paris… It had all happened very fast, my mind was made up in 3 days after receiving a job offer that was too good to refuse…
I remember my parents, rushing to Athens, to help me pack and close my small Athens flat, where I had spent 5 pleasant and carefree years!

I still remember, pinching myself every day for the next 6 months, as I was coming out of the recently renovated Grand Hotel, my glorious workplace at the “place de l’Opera”, listening to the accordionist that was playing around the corner and looking at the illuminated “Opera Garnier”

I lived in Paris for the next 3 1/2 years, had the most amazing experiences, made new and met old friends! It will always be, for me, the most beautiful and romantic city in the world!

After moving back to Cyprus, I visited on a number of occasions. However, this time it had been long since my last trip. And it was long due!

From dawn to dusk!


Flowers of course!



Art everywhere!



The Kingdom of Tastes!




There’s always time for tea!




Shopping for the Aesthet!


Savoir, penser, rever. Tout est la! Victor Hugo


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