Tell me a story with flowers…

When in Athens center, on my way to Kolonaki from Syntagma square, I often choose to walk up Kriezotou street. The reason is simple, I just love passing by Drizos flower shop at number 1…It always makes my day!

I always pause and stare at the beautiful flowers displayed at the window and inside the shop…Majestic roses of all colours, Peonies, Orchids, Amaryllis, Tulips, Sunflowers, Anemones…

Emy Drizos oversees this beautiful flower boutique and is responsible for some of the most  elegant creations that decorate many weddings, christenings and events of the Athenian society.

Indulge yourself!

A Flower is a Flower! Poem by Linda Ori

I did not bring you roses

When you searched for something rare,

Instead I brought you daisies

And I hoped you wouldn’t care;


And now I look behind me

With a wistful little smile

You would have taken dandelions

And loved me all the while.


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