What I missed during the lockdown(s)…and what I enjoyed!

It’s been a year and I have been thinking…

What I missed during the lockdown(s)

  • Saturday brunch & people watching at IT
  • Sunday brunch at Vezene
  • Coffee, drinks & people watching at Athénée
  • Drinks & dinner with a spectacular view at Point α
  • Gourmet dinners at Simul
  • Creative sushi tasting at Sushimou
  • Wine bars
  • Movies & popcorn at Village Gold Class theaters
  • Open air cinemas
  • Browsing at the flea market of Monastiraki
  • Driving to Sounion to clear my head!
  • Escaping to Zagorochoria & Apeiros Chora
  • Minibreaks at Spetses & Hydra
  • The buzz of airports
  • My regular manicure & pedicure
  • Gallery openings
  • Art exhibitions
  • The library & study areas of SNFCC
  • Performances of the National Opera of Greece at SNFCC
  • Concerts at Megaron Mousikis
  • Friends & family visiting Athens from overseas
  • Planning (dreaming of…) the next journey
  • Live conferences & seminars
  • Gastronomic discoveries with my niece & nephew
  • Window shopping (and actual shopping in person..)
  • Hanging out & gossiping with friends…
  • Hugs!


…and what I enjoyed


  • Long walks by the sea
  • Less traffic
  • Kdramas on Netflix (Mr Sunshine, Crush landing, Empress Ki…)
  • Documentaries on Cosmote History, Ertflix & Netflix
  • Putting together a 3000 piece puzzle (during lockdown 1.0)
  • Zoom webinars
  • Online meditations
  • Creating music playlists on Spotify (and my airpods pro)
  • Ordering from Wolt (top functionality, wide range of restaurants, professional staff)
  • Gourmet food shopping (it’s the small pleasures in life…)
  • Daily Facetime calls to catch up
  • Mini gatherings, when possible, with friends and family (rarity made them even more significant…)
  • Online shopping (when accompanied by consistency & quick delivery)


What did you miss? What did you enjoy?


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