Yoga: Light & Shadows for inner peace

During my last visit to Cyprus, my dear friend Christina Christodoulides offered me the coffee table book ‘Yoga: Light & Shadows’, brought together by her yoga teacher Christina Vassiliadou and photographer Jean-Emmanuel Hay.

The book is unique in its kind! It is a beautiful publication, filled with photographs and inspiring texts in three languages (english, greek and french).

Taking inspiration from the beautiful words of the author: “When we let go of negative thoughts, the negative thoughts let go of us. When we take in positive thoughts, positive thoughts take over.”

The shots are truly stunning! It took Christina’s students a lot of patience and hard work in practising and posing and a lot of their time in the early hours of the day, on the white rocks on the coast of Limassol,  to catch the perfect light!

One can sense the very high level of the team’s yoga practice and their teacher’s perfectionism. Nothing was left to chance!

Quoting Dr. Ram Vaidya: “This book gives the process of Yoga in our life. Here we define yoga as a union. Today Yoga has been packaged as just another form of exercises to cure physical and mental pain and ailments. The true meaning of yoga if far beyond the reach of these words; it is the science of Life. It is also an art of life. It is the purpose of life and also, tools of life. It’s the practice of the individual but not to make us individualistic; it encompasses the entire universe within ourselves.

This book has taken inspiration from various scriptures and experiences of great souls all over the world. Any experience has no boundary of time, land, civilization and race. We see the essence of Yoga all over the world. The present world is engaged in deepening these boundaries. The human history has left and continues to leave scars on humanity. This book is a comforting solace of what we can aspire to be. I would like to appeal to readers to be a shadow in the light, a reflection of perfection and a true fighter for peace.”

Quoting Manju Pattabhi Jois: “Yoga Light and Shadows is a visual treat for enyone interested in the beauty of Yoga. The beach location in Cyprus where these pictures were shot is amazing, the light and the sea look as vibrant and strong as her yoga students. Christina’s writings on essential psychological aspects of life, along with the excerpts of philosophical sources, beautifully accompany this collection of yoga asanas. If you love yoga and you love the beach you will love Yoga Light and Shadows”.

The tough tests in life are mere steps and single events; they are not life itself. Living is as joyful and happy as we allow it to be.

To dare and rise beyond the limited, conditioned thinking made by our own and others’ weaknesses and live with the freedom on an open mind and heart.

One may conquer a million men in a single battle; However, the greatest and best warrior conquers himself. The Dhammapada 8:4.

A rebirth, a new beginning can be created at any time… and the only time that truly exists in the present!

My admiration and best wishes to Christina Vassiliadou for bringing this book together!

The book costs 35 euro (Hard cover) or 25 euro (Soft cover) and can be found at:

IS Yoga Studio

Kyriakou Bookshops, Limassol

Solonion Bookshop, Nicosia

Part of the proceedings will be donated to charity and to animal friends associations.

The video below gives an overview of the book!

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